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Turtle Motorhomes

Posted on the March 3, 2015 Bootstrap / Our Work

We created a new responsive website for the new and exciting local company, Turtle Motorhomes.
They specialise in Motorhomes hire in the UK and provide a full and comprehensive service.

We built a feature slider on the homepage using vibrant colours.
The site is easy to navigate and looks great on mobiles and tablet devices too.

turtle motorhomes

Take a peek at their new website at www.turtlemotorhomes.co.uk.
Why not hire a motorhome for the weekend too :)

Transparent background – full colour text

Posted on the April 18, 2014 Bootstrap / css3 / Our Work

A new trick available in css3 is to allow you to alter the transparency of a divs background colour without it affecting the text/image inside it.
This is done using the RGBA style.
Basically you add the colour in RGB format and at the end add the opacity/transparency of the colour.

The css rule will look similar to below, this is the one used for the background to our slider used on our site ClassicDomains.co.uk – Take a look.

.ourSlider {
border: 2px solid #fff;

The first part being the rgb (192,209,125) for our hex colour and
the latter part of the number (0.4) being the opacity.

You can find a hex to RGB converter here.


css3 opacity

Classic Domains

Posted on the April 8, 2014 Bootstrap / Our Work

Latest Site – Classic Domains

ClassicDomains.co.uk showcases some of our premium .co.uk domain names. It allows clients to search and purchase domains
to use for there business or personal use. The introduction of the new .UK extension this summer has caused quite a stir with uk businesses. The good news is though if you own a .co.uk then the .uk is reserved for you until 2019!

Built in php using include files for ease of updating and incorporating the twitter bootstrap v3 framework.
The live search page was built using Javascript and Ajax and searches our domains located in an XML file.

Simple but effective :)
View the full site here


View the full site here

Mark Wright Landscapes

Posted on the March 10, 2014 Bootstrap / Our Work

New updated website for a current customer of ours, Mark Wright Landscapes.

Built using the bootstrap framework, the new site is optimised for all devices. The image gallery resizes according to screen size and a mobile/tablet menu appears on small screens.

Mark had a lot of success with his previous site built in 2007, and hopes his new modern updated site will showcase his work off to any new pottentail clients.

Visit MarkWrightLandscapes.co.uk for a live view.



An example of a Portfolio page

Mark Wright landscapes. Landscapers in preston.


Casuals.co.uk : Mobile First

Posted on the September 26, 2013 Bootstrap / Our Work

Finally getting used to the new mobile first layout from bootstrap v3.

Built a mobile version of the popular uk casual dating site Casuals.co.uk. Casuals have established themselves as one of the leading adult dating sites in the UK and required a mobile first version of there site. We built this using the bootstrap v3 framework which they describe as a ” Sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework”.
This certainly is the case and it really is a great tool for mobile web development.

With mobile traffic on the up and continually rising a mobile first site is a must for any serious website.

Images of the new site on an iPhone 4 below or visit there intuitive & market leading adult dating site.  (be sure to view it on your mobile)

adult dating site


StarSigns.co.uk – Mobile Site

Posted on the September 9, 2013 Bootstrap / Our Work

New site mobile using Bootstrap3

Having checked the analytics for the site it appeared 70% of the daily 2300 UVs per day where coming from mobiles and 65% of mobile traffic came from iPhones.

With this in mind and eager to try out the new bootstrap 3 framework I decided to replace an old jQuery mobile site for our site StarSigns.co.uk with a new bootstrap v3 site.
The look i wanted was to use tiles on the site and make the user experience simple with as few clicks as possible.

Visitors to the site can now view there daily horoscope with 1 click.

I have used a collection of the trendy flatUI colours to create the tiles with.

Check out the new mobile version of starsigns.co.uk
Visitors from mobiles are automatically redirected to the mobile site. (Be sure to view from your mobile!)

New Starsigns.co.uk mobile site

Energetics Technology Ltd

Posted on the September 7, 2013 Bootstrap / Our Work

New Site Built with Bootstrap2

Another site completed, built with the awesome twitter bootstrap framework. This project has been going on for a while so the new site for energetics technology was built in bootstrap V2. All future sites will be built using the latest bootstrap V3.

There are some major changes in bootstrap V3. The main one being it is now mobile first!
There is no more fixed grid system, its all fluid, new classes have been added and lots of classes have been renamed.

Click on the image below to view the site.

Energetics Technology

Full width hero unit – Bootstrap

Posted on the July 3, 2013 Bootstrap

A common problem amongst some bootstrap designers is getting elements on the page to spread to full width when viewed on a mobile device. This is because when a bootstrap site is resized to mobile size (@media max-width 767px), by default, bootstrap adds a 20px margin to the left and right on the body div.

A simple workaround is to add the following code to the element you require to show full width on mobile devices.

We use the hero-unit in this example.

@media (max-width: 767px) { 
.hero-unit { 
margin-right: -20px; 
margin-left: -20px;